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2022-06-07final touches for uploading to jamDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-05finish all necessary for playabilityDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-05added new tiles to ground tilemap, moved player to state machine paradigmDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-05add more food types, refactored code and tidy up stuffDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-04added more ui for after gameplay, generalized basic foodDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-04refactor nodes to work with native scene changer, add functioning main menuDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-04add text for points when eating foodDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-04added progress bar as well as tongue to the snakeDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-04added hud for snake size and grow progressDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-03add working world gen, fixed food placing, minor refactoringDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-02add food systemDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-06-01make working basic snake, refactor code and made gif recorder its separate thingDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-05-31working snake generation and path following, minor refactorDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-05-30add non-working segment system.. might need to go back to using rigidbodiesDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-05-30working path2d with only the head, need to figure out the segments partDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-05-29working kinematic snake, need to fix the scenesDavid Luevano Alvarado