.dotsThese are my personal dotfiles.luevano23 months
.mdots Minimal dots, for when working on systems with minimal programs.luevano
flappybird_godotFlappyBird clone made in godot for learning purposes.
gogodot_jam3Entry for the Go Godot Jam 3: https://blog.l...luevano
luevano.xyzMy website.luevano
memefymeMeFy sOMe tExT.luevano2 years
ml_expML explorations.luevano2 years
pymdvarPython-Markdown extension for key-value pair conversion.luevano
pyssgA Static Site Generator using markdown files.luevano
server_scriptsPersonal server scripts to automate stuff (mostly after new deployment of a serv...luevano
tiranteA wannabe manga manager.luevano20 months
valbotValheim discord bot with support for V+.luevano