BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devchore: stop tracking live/David Luevano Alvarado3 months
mainlast commit before rewriteDavid Luevano Alvarado10 months
v0.9.0commit c76900f0e2...David Luevano Alvarado14 months
v0.8.3commit 48cabe1df7...David Luevano Alvarado18 months
v0.8.2commit 903211371e...David Luevano Alvarado18 months
v0.8.1commit 6ec12d94c1...David Luevano Alvarado18 months
v0.8.0commit cb67db7f2d...David Luevano Alvarado18 months
v0.7.3commit 2d99be5909...David Luevano Alvarado19 months
v0.7.2commit b53928cf4f...David Luevano Alvarado2 years
v0.7.1commit 8a0b1d2d9f...David Luevano Alvarado2 years
v0.7.0commit dfc3e6db92...David Luevano Alvarado2 years
v0.6.2commit 7ecd3c9501...David Luevano Alvarado2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-08-21last commit before rewriteHEADmainDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-05-02update readmev0.9.0David Luevano Alvarado
2023-05-01small bugfix, add toc settings, update example site and delete unnecessary st...David Luevano Alvarado
2023-05-01fix small bug on page metadata parsingDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-05-01add page class testingDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-04-25refactor tests and add more typingDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-02-26fix flake8 warningsDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-02-25add database testsDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-02-24add database_entry tests, change type for tags attrDavid Luevano Alvarado
2023-02-24add utils tests, small refactorDavid Luevano Alvarado