BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devadd database testsDavid Luevano Alvarado4 weeks
mainadd extra method for date conversionsDavid Luevano Alvarado3 months
v0.8.3commit 48cabe1df7...David Luevano Alvarado3 months
v0.8.2commit 903211371e...David Luevano Alvarado3 months
v0.8.1commit 6ec12d94c1...David Luevano Alvarado3 months
v0.8.0commit cb67db7f2d...David Luevano Alvarado3 months
v0.7.3commit 2d99be5909...David Luevano Alvarado4 months
v0.7.2commit b53928cf4f...David Luevano Alvarado10 months
v0.7.1commit 8a0b1d2d9f...David Luevano Alvarado11 months
v0.7.0commit dfc3e6db92...David Luevano Alvarado11 months
v0.6.2commit 7ecd3c9501...David Luevano Alvarado11 months
v0.6.1commit 9bfb9dd2e8...David Luevano Alvarado11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-12-27add extra method for date conversionsHEADv0.8.3mainDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-27fix links for some pagesDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-27remove unnecessary variables for page objectv0.8.2David Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-14add more files, fixed bugs related to multiple documents in yaml configv0.8.1David Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-14add new files for, add multiple document supportDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-13add configs and templatesDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-13update site filesDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-12fix for twine upload to pypiDavid Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-12refactor code and update readmev0.8.0David Luevano Alvarado
2022-12-12remove force feature, unnecessary complexityDavid Luevano Alvarado