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mainadd original assets and imgsDavid Luevano Alvarado3 years
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2021-09-25add original assets and imgsHEADmainDavid Luevano Alvarado
2021-09-25Update a bit the readmeDavid Luevano Alvarado
2021-05-07Added code for showing percent of world explored. Will not show right on an e...stolenvw
2021-04-18Valheim plus discord botstolenvw
2021-04-16Added channel check to setstatus and savestats commandsstolenvw
2021-04-15fixed insert command for exstats so it dont give an errorstolenvw
2021-04-15Added role check for commands, so you can set what roles users need to use a ...stolenvw
2021-04-15Added table data for exstats db so 1st row will always have version info.stolenvw
2021-04-14Fixed help command where it would error if you did not have permisson to a co...stolenvw
2021-04-13Fixed an error where bot would stop working if server went off-linestolenvw