BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainfix: nvim-dapDavid Luevano Alvarado5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-05-20fix: nvim-dapHEADmainDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-04-09fix: add extra missing dependency for nvim-dap-uiDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-04-09fix: python ruff/pyrightDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-03-09fix: wrong cpp syntax highlighting + autosession fixes/refactDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-03-07feat: continue with the c++ supportDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-03-03feat: add more c++ support, fix godotDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-02-29feat: add linux/win support for gdscript cmdDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-02-29chore: disable italics/bolds and gdscript docDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-02-25fix: windows path for lua libsDavid Luevano Alvarado
2024-02-25refactor: only use ruff-lsp, tidy up lsp configsDavid Luevano Alvarado